This is my current list of Christian metal demos on cdr. Many of these were only available on tape and have been converted to cdr. Please note I do trade but these are not for sale. If you are interested in trading please let me know at I am looking for demos and live shows.

Demos Wanted:
King of the Saints (no artwork)
Rude Awakening - Unholy War

Last Updated: Saturday, February 19, 2011

Artist Album
100% Proof 100% Proof (no artwork)
100% Proof New Way of Living (no artwork)
100% Proof Power and Glory (no artwork)
A Hill to Die On Demo (no artwork)
Abbys Child Victors Maze (no artwork)
Abjathar Nothing Undamaged (original artwork)
Advocate Advocate (no artwork)
Advocate A Return to the Adventure (no artwork)
Advocate The World is a Desert (no artwork)
Advocate Music for the Mind (no artwork)
After Eleven Its About Time (no artwork)
Alexander No Compromise (no artwork)
Alkedema Beaten Betrayed Slaughtered
Allegro Allegro (no artwork)
Alive On Arrival AOA (no artwork)
Alliance Shake The World (no artwork)
Amethyst Amethyst (original artwork)
Amethyst The Early Years (original artwork)
Amordeum Demo 2001 (original artwork)
Amos, Daniel Live Bootleg 82(no artwork)
Amaziah Straight Talker (no artwork)
Angel X Children of the Reign (no artwork)
Angelica Demo (original artwork)
Angelica S.O.S (original artwork)
Angelic Force 1988 Demo (original artwork)
Angelix Angelix (original artwork)
Antestor Despair (original artwork)
Antestor Live at Bobfest 2004 (no artwork)
Antidemon Confinamento Eterno (original artwork)
Antioch Spontaneous Combustion (original artwork)
Apostle Apostle (original artwork)
Apostle Chariots of Iron (original artwork)
Apostle 1984 (original artwork)
Apostle Hymns (original artwork)
Apostle Prepare to Meet God (original artwork)
Apostle Metal for the Master (no artwork)
Apostle Steel Armada (no artwork)
Apostle Tone Zone (no artwork)
Apostle White Metal (no artwork)
Apostle Hope of Glory (Anthology) (no artwork)
Apostles of Rock Gates of Hell (no artwork)
Arcane Legion Arcane Legion (no artwork)
Archangel Archangel (original artwork)
Archangel Edge of the Storm (no artwork)
Ark Voyages (no artwork)
Armada Frontline (original artwork)
Armada Black and White (original artwork)
Armada Live - Spring Arbor 1985 (original artwork)
Armada All Four One (original artwork)
Armada Artifacts (original artwork)
Armada Break The Chain (original artwork)
Armor of God Out of Egypt (original artwork)
Armor of God 2 Face Reality (original artwork)
Arrival The Water (no artwork)
Arsenal 3 Song Demo (no artwork)
Ascension Ascension (no artwork)
Ascension Follow the Path (no artwork)
Aspiration Incendiarism (original artwork)
Autumn Rose Autumn Rose (no artwork)
Autumn War Autumn War (no artwork)
Avenger of Blood Demo 2003 (original artwork)
Avion Avion (no artwork)
Avion Midnight Fire (no artwork)
Avion White Noise (no artwork)
Avion Live (no artwork)
Awful Truth Awful Truth (no artwork)
The Aweful Truth EP (no artwork)
Axehead Inc. Axehead Inc. (no artwork)
Axemaster Blessing in the Sky (no artwork)
Axemaster Death Befor Dishonor (no artwork)
Axia Axia(no artwork)
Axios 3 song Demo (no artwork)
Azlan Judgement Day (no artwork)
Aztec Jade Concrete Eden (no artwork)
Bad News for the Devil Bad New for the Devil (no artwork)
Balance Harmony and Balance (no artwork)
Baraque's Lord Renewal by Fear (no artwork)
Barren Cross Believe (original artwork)
Barren Cross Live 9/4/88 in Ohio (no artwork)
Barren Cross Live at Cornerstone 1986 (no artwork)
Barren Cross Live at Metal Mardi Gras 1987 (no artwork)
Barren Cross Live 1987 HISfest(no artwork)
Barren Cross Paid in Blood: The Very Best of Barren Cross (no artwork)
Barren Cross Ground Floor Radio Show 2002 (no artwork)
Barren Cross Reunion Show @ Extreme Metal Mardi Gras 2002 (no artwork)
Battalion Battalion (original artwork)
Battalion Runaway (original artwork)
Battlecry Red White and Blue (original artwork)
Battlesound Until We Die (no artwork)
Believer (not the thrash band) I'm Free (original artwork)
Believer (not the thrash band) Live At the Other Place Demo 1986 (original artwork)
Believer The Return Demo (original artwork)
Believer Live 10/31/89 (original artwork)
Believer Live Collection 1989 1992 (no artwork)
Believer Live at Cornestone 1990(no artwork)
Believer Live 11/3/1991 Medusa's, Chicago, IL (no artwork)
Benevolance s/t
Bethleham Bethleham (no artwork)
Betrayal Reviling Darkness (original artwork)
Betrayal Fear Be Gone (no artwork)
Betrayer Rusted Icons (no artwork)
Betrayer Shadow Force (no artwork)
Biogenesis Tunnelvision (no artwork)
Black Coffee Pyanaya Luna (no artwork)
Black and White World EP (no artwork)
Blackend Sun Shelobs Lair (original artwork)
Blair, Eric Blairing Out (no artwork)
Blind Bartimaeus and the Grave Blind Bartimaeus and the Grave (no artwork)
Blood Reckoning Demos (no artwork)
Blood N Fire Extras (no artwork)
Blood N Fire Get Ready for War (1995)(no artwork)
Bloodline The Cure for Death(no artwork)
Bloodshed 2 Song Demo (original artwork)
Bloodgood Metal Missionaries (original artwork)
Bloodgood 05/04/08 Legends Of Rock Haus Ennepetal, Ennepetal , Germany (no artwork)
Bloodstone 2000 Down the Line (no artwork)
Bloodstone Valley of the Machine (no artwork)
Bloodstone Fight for Jerusalem (no artwork)
Bloody Cross Thrashing for the King (original artwork)
Blue Trapeze Sanctuary (no artwork)
Blue Trapeze Who Were You Then (no artwork)
Blue Trapeze Mask and Marquee (no artwork)
Breaking the Silence Stand (no artwork)
Bride Live at Cornerstone 1993 (no artwork)
Bride Live in California 1988 (no artwork)
Bride Live 1986
Bride Live 1989 (original artwork)
Bride Home Rehearsal Demos 1988 (original artwork)
Bride God Gave Rock and Roll to You (single) (no artwork)
Broken Silence Broken Silence (4 song demo 1990) (original artwork)
Broken Silence Demo 1991 (original artwork)
Broken Silence Shout It Out Loud (no artwork)
Broken Silence Discerning the Times (original artwork)
Brutal Arts Gamle Kilder (original artwork)
Cathacomb Decade of Decadence (original artwork>
Century Sleeper Awaken (no artwork)
Chagall Guevera Live at Greenbelt 1991 (no artwork)
Chagall Guevera Live at Cornerstone 1991 (no artwork)
Phil Accardis Chalice One Final Sin (1986) (no artwork)
Phil Accardis Chalice Take Control (1989) (no artwork)
Character Run For Success (original artwork)
Chariot Demos 1 and 2 (original artwork)
Charizma Demo 1988 (no artwork)
Chosen Stranger Chosen Stranger (4 songs) (no artwork)
Chosen Stranger Deathwalker (4 songs) (no artwork)
Chosen Stranger Single (2 songs) (no artwork)
Chosen Stranger Compilation 4 Song Demo/3 Song demo + Bonus Tracks (original artwork)
Combat Faith C-Rations (original artwork)
Combat Faith Combat Faith (no artwork)
Combat Faith 4 song demo (no artwork)
Consecrator Consecrator (original artwork)
Consecrator The Image of Deception (original artwork)
Contagious Re Ready (no artwork)
Corpse 3 Song Demo (original artwork)
Corpse 1996 Demo (original artwork)
Covenant 2 Song Demo (original artwork)
Covenant The Fall of Rome (original artwork)
Crimson 4 song demo (no artwork)
Crimson Glow EP (no artwork)
Crimson Moonlight Glorificaiton of the Master Light (original artwork)
Crimson Wave Crimson Wave (original artwork)
The Cross Soldiers of the Light (original artwork)
Crossfire Demo (original artwork)
Crossfire Studio Demo (no artwork)
Crossforce Crossforce (original artwork)
Crossover The Vault (original artwork)
Crucial Kick In Your Faith (1994) (no artwork)
Crystavox Live at Cornerstone 1991 (no artwork)
Damascus Damascus (not the same band as Timless/Soon the Doors will be Open) (no artwork)
Damascus Timeless (original artwork)
Damascus Soon the Doors Will Be Open (original artwork)
Dark Endless Sombre Existance
Dark Truth Dark Truth (no artwork)
Deliverance Metal Meltdown 1990 (no artwork)>
Deliverance Live at Cornerstone 1993 (no artwork)>
Deliverance Live in Lake Elsinore 3/3/07(no artwork)
Deliverance 04/07/01 Cornerstone Festival, Bushnell , IL (no artwork)
dElohim Choice is Yours (no artwork)
Demize Demize (no artwork)
Desert Voice Holy Fire (no artwork)
Desyre Hair Metal Madness (no artwork)
Desyre Out of the Blue into Red (no artwork)
Double Edge Rock with a Reason (no artwork)
Deafaid 1 (original artwork)
Decibellum Always Coming Back (original artwork)
Disaffection Begin the Revolution (no artwork)
Discarnated Limited Edition Demo + William Meloncholy (original artwork)
Disciple The Demos (original artwork)
Dominion Stand On The Rock (no artwork)
Draco Ceremony of the Northwinds (original artwork)
Drop Dead Death by Fusion (original artwork)
Drop Dead Drop Dead(no artwork)
Dual Edge Knock Em Alive (original artwork)
Dynamo Eyes to the Sky
Dynasty Into Righteousness (original artwork)
Electrik Have U Ever (no artwork)
Electrik Shine Candy Shine (original artwork)
Electrik Love Buzz Harmony (no artwork)
Eluveitie Live Budapest Hungary 4-14-2008 (no artwork)
Embryo Chrysalys Conception of Light (original artwork)
Emerald Demo 1 (no artwork)
Emerald Demo 2 (no artwork)
Endless Truth Demos EP (no artwork)
Equinox The Adonis Chronicles (original artwork)
Equinox The Ceremony of the Northwinds (original artwork)
Eterna Shema Israel (original artwork)
Eterna Alguém Fundamental (no artwork)
Eterna Eterna Live! Live por Living_Dead (no artwork)
Eternal Reign Eternal Reign (no artwork)
Eternal Ryte Anthem (original artwork)
Eternal Ryte In God We Trust (original artwork)
Eternal Ryte Armed for Action (original artwork)
Eternity Better Late than Never (original artwork)
Exhumator (pre-Five Iron Frenzy) Hooked on Phonix (original artwork)
Extol Embraced (original artwork)
Extol Live at Flevo 2003 (no artwork)
Falling Elbow s/t
Falzone, Paul Demo(no artwork)
Fear Not Live at Cornerstone 1993 (no artwork)
Fighter EP (no artwork)
Fighting Instinct Fighting Instinct (no artwork)
Final Destiny North of Hell (no artwork)
Final Prophecy Rude Awakening (original artwork)
Final Reign Final Reign (no artwork)
Final Reign Destiny (no artwork)
Final Reign To the Kingdom (no artwork)
Final Reign Sword of the Spirit (no artwork)
Fifth Angel Time Will Tell (original artwork)
Final Prophecy He Set the Captives Free (original artwork)
Final Warning Final Warning (original artwork)
First Degree Youth (no artwork)
First Strike Crank It Up (original artwork)
First Strike 1990 Demo (original artwork)
First Strike Rock of Offense (no artwork)
Forgotten Child Forgotten Child (original artwork)
Fortress Demo (no artwork)
Fourth Estate Edge of the Shadow (no artwork)
Fourth Estate In Phase (no artwork)
Fourth Estate Fourth Estate (no artwork)
Fresh Claim In Times of Rain (no artwork)
Full Armor Limited Edition 4 Song EP (no artwork)
G Men Fuse (no artwork)
Ganglion 3 Song Demo (no artwork)
Gethsemane Rose Poetranium (no artwork)
Gethsemane Rose Tattered and Torn (no artwork)
Getsemani Dreaming to Fly (original artwork)
Getsemani Under the Light (original artwork)
Gideons Army Grace (no artwork)
Gideons Army Rock N Roll For Your Soul (no artwork)
Gideons Army Warriors of Love (no artwork)
GOD From the Moldavian Ecclesastic Throne (original artwork)
Godfear Godfear (original artwork)
Golgatha Dangerous Games 7" Single (no artwork)
Golgatha Prisoner (original artwork)
Golgatha Unmaker of Worlds (no artwork)
Goliath The Gate (no artwork)
Grand Band Demo (original artwork)
Grand Exit Faceplant (no artwork)
Greg Minier Demo (no artwork)
Grimness Enshroud Ravens Flight Beneath Grim Moonlight (+ Nachtwald demos) (original artwork)
GROMS Turn (original artwork)
Guardian Angel Demo One (no artwork)
Hail the Blessed Hour Demo (no artwork)
Haven It is Written (original artwork)
Healing Instinct Healing Instinct (no artwork)
Hearken Arise (original artwork)
Hearken Nothing Undamaged (original artwork)
Heirborne Morbid Reality (original artwork)
Hero Risen (original artwork)
Hero 2 Song Demo (no artwork)
Heroz Milestone (original artwork)
Hold True Fade (no artwork)
Hold True Focus (no artwork)
Holy Countdown Hands of Time (no artwork)
Holy Danger (pre-Tourniquet) One Way + 2 Bonus Tracks(original artwork)
Holy Grand Demo (original artwork)
Holy Right Stand As One
Holy Saint Holy Saint (original artwork)
Holy Saint Sound the Alarm (no artwork)
Holy Smoke End Time Soldiers (no artwork)
Holy Smoke Fired Up for Jesus! (no artwork)
Holy Soldier Live 9/25/88 in Oakland (no artwork)
Holy Soldier Live 9/8/92 in Nashville (no artwork)
Holy Soldier 3 Song Demo (First Demo of Holy Soldier Robbie Braunz on Vocals) (original artwork)
Holy Soldier Demo 1988 (5 tracks) (no artwork)
Holy Soldier Demos and Stephen Patrick - Victory
Hortor Demo (no artwork)
Hotz, Jimmy Beyond the Crystal Sea (no artwork)
Hotz, Jimmy The Gates of Time (no artwork)
House on Fire Fire Escape (no artwork)
Howey, Paul Plug In(no artwork)
Huckey, Rodney Forever (no artwork)
Huckey, Rodney Frankenstein Project (no artwork)
Icon Poczatek
Immortal Dead and Buried (pre Circle of Dust) (original artwork)
Immortal Souls Reflections of Doom (CDR with original artwork)
Impellitteri Goodnight and Goodbye (Concert in Tokyo 1988)
Impellitteri Live 7-24-1988 Tokyo Japan (Concert in Tokyo)
Impellitteri In God We Trust - W'Ohal Osaka, Japan 2/23/95 2 CDR(original artwork)
Impellitteri Burning 1996: Live in Tokyo, Japan (2 CDR) (original artwork)
Impellitteri Speed King - Live in Japan 1996 2 CDR (no artwork)
Impellitteri Live On Air East (Concert in Tokyo) 1998 (2 CDR)(original artwork)
Impellitteri The Future is Back - Shinijuka Liquid Room Tokyo, Japan 2/26/99 2 CDR (original artwork)
Imperial Imperial EP 2008 (no artwork)
Implacable Behind the Veil
Incubus Supernatural Terror and 7" Single (no artwork)
Inhabit Feed the Fire (original artwork)
Inner Lite Rocking the Faith (original artwork)
Irish Demo (no artwork)
Isaque Athimospherus Heróis de Guerra (original artwork)
Jet Circus Live at Cornerstone 1991 (no artwork)
Jordan Collective Rain (no artwork)
Jordan End of the Rainbow (no artwork)
Jordan Jordan (no artwork)
Joshua Demos 1987-1988 (no artwork)
Juso Watch a Wall Fall (no artwork)
Justice Counting Down (no artwork)
Kansas Vinyl Confessions Demo with Steve Walsh (original artwork)
Kansas Taking Drastic Measures Live in LA 1984 (original artwork)
Keeper Keeper (no artwork)
Kekal Contra Spiritualia Requitiae (original artwork)
King James 3 Song Demo (no artwork)
Kings Machine A State of Mind (no artwork)
Kings N Priests Change the World (no artwork)
Kings Road Where Angels Walk (no artwork)
Knightriot Beware the Knight (original artwork)
Knightriot Speak No Evil (original artwork)
Knightriot Killing Time (original artwork)
Konstrux Promotional Demo 2000 (original artwork)
Kreyson Noc Pina Hvezd Live (no artwork)
Kryst the Conquerer Deliver Us from Evil (no artwork)
Land of Flame Land of Flame (no artwork)
Laudamus Be There Forever 1992 (no artwork)
Laudamus Ready or Not 1993 (no artwork)
Lazarus sdg (no artwork)
Legacy Legacy (no artwork)
Legacy Hear the Call (no artwork)
Lengsel 4 song Demo (no artwork)
Lenaire, Gary (Tourniquet) The Lost Years (no artwork)
Leviticus Live in Skara, Sweden 1985 (no artwork)
Leviticus Live in Skoude, Sweden 1987 (no artwork)
Leviticus Live in Stockhom, Sweden 1988 (no artwork)
Leviticus Live at Bobfest (no artwork)
Leviticus Live at Bobfest 2003 after 13 years of Silence (no artwork)
Lex Rex The Devils Nightmare (no artwork)
Lightforce Battlezone (CDR with original artwork)
Lightforce Break the Curse (original artwork)
Lightforce Live Sydney 3-11-1989 (no artwork)
Lightmare Wild Life Festival bootleg 1997 (no artwork)
Lionheart 2 Song demo (no artwork)
Living Sacrifice Not Yielding to Ungodly (original artwork)
Living Sacrifice Live at Cornerstone 7/7/00
Lost and Found Welcome to the Real World (no artwork)
Lost Ocean Lost Ocean (no artwork)
L.O.U.D Its True (original artwork)
L.O.U.D Stand on the Rock (original artwork)
Loudness Soldier of Fortune (no artwork)
Lovewar Millennium (original artwork)
Lovewar Soak Your Brain (no artwork)
Mach X Mach X (original artwork)
Malachai Under the Blade (original artwork)
Malachai Red Sunrise (original artwork)
Manifestium Distant Silence
Manifestium The Dawn of Domination (original artwork)
Mansoul Demo 1993 (no artwork)
Mark Eiben Found
Martyr Death is Dead (original artwork)
Martyr Imminent Warfare (original artwork)
Mastedon Live at Cornerstone 1991 (no artwork)
Mercys Wake Demo (original artwork)
Messiah Final Warning (original artwork)
Messiah Going Insane (no artwork)
Messiah Force Last Day (no artwork)
Messiah Prophet Live at Cornerstone 1986 (original artwork)
Messiahs Beard All Work and No Slaughter (no artwork)
Metal Mardi Gras 1987 Live (no artwork)
Metal Messiah Demo (no artwork)
Mike Lee Studio A Acoustic Sessions
Millenium Demo (original artwork)
Millenium Best of... and More 2 CD (no artwork)
Missionary One The Future is Already Known
Modest Attraction 5 Song EP 1992 (original artwork)
Modest Attraction II (no artwork)
Monstreus Zealots in the Land of Nod (original artwork)
Mortal Enemy Blessed Death (original artwork)
Mortal Enemy Tame the Beast Within (original artwork)
Mortification Live: Scrolls Tour Australia 1992 (original artwork)
Mortification Live: Distarnished Priest 1995 (original artwork)
Mortification Bathed in Brisbane 8/27/91 (no artwork)
Mortification From Your Side - Holland 1999(no artwork)
Mortification God Rules Frankston Australia 10/5/07 (no artwork)
Mortification Holland Assault 2001 (no artwork)
Mortification Infuence the Galaxy Panama, FL 5/9/98 (no artwork)
Mortification Live Crusade 6/14/96 Atlanta GA (no artwork)
Mortification Live Momentary Affliction Cornerstone 1993 (no artwork)
Mortification Live Rhythm Machine The Strand Denver CO 1995 (no artwork)
Mortification Texas Grindcore Massacre Texas Rockfest 1994 (no artwork)
Mortification The Second Death Albuquerque New Mexico 1996 (no artwork)
Mortification Total Thrashing Death 4/9/2004 Australia (no artwork)
Mortification Turn 1990 Melbourne Australia Break the curse album launch (no artwork)
Mortification Valley of Shadows 1994 Albine Texas (no artwork)
Moshketeers The Downward Spiral (original artwork)
Mustard Seeds Demos (original artwork)
Narnia Live at Bobfest 2003 (no artwork)
Necromancide Hate Regime (original artwork)
Nehemiah Dangerous (no artwork)
New Society In Focus (no artwork)
New Society True Faith (no artwork)
Nonpoint Factor A New Breed of Anger (original artwork)
Oblation Demo(original artwork)
Oracle Selah (original artwork)
Oracle Captain Crunch (original artwork)
Orcrist Old Path
Order of Chaos Order of Chaos (original artwork)
Our Hearts Hero Our Hearts Hero (no artwork)
Overdrive Overdrive (original artwork)
Overdrive A Grave Mistake (original artwork)
Overdrive Remembering the Basher 2 CD (no artwork)
Overflow A Better Place (no artwork)
Overture Back to Life (no artwork)
Pale Horse Hostility
Paradox Power and Glory (original artwork)
Paradox Ruler (original artwork)
Paradox The Wrath (original artwork)
Paragon Dead and Alive/Just Believe
Paradox Live in San Antonio 3/17/09 (no artwork)
Paramaecium Brisbane 8/27/91 (no artwork)
Paris Red 2 Song Demo (no artwork)
Passage Between the Lines (no artwork)
Persevere 1997 Demo (original artwork)
Plain Clothes Long Way to Go
Plain Clothes All Dressed Up
Preacher Welcome to Forever
Precious Death Our Stinkin Demo (original artwork)
Project Damage Control Project Damage Control (no artwork)
Promised Land Promised Land Demo (no artwork)
Qodesh Deuteronomy 14:2 (no artwork)
Random Eyes Eyes Ablaze (no artwork)
Ragman Ragman (no artwork)
Rage of Angels Demos (no artwork)
The Rain Ellipsis (no artwork)
Ransom Ransom (no artwork)
Ransom Once and For All (no artwork)
Ransom Soul Asylum (no artwork)
Rapture (pre-Moshketeers) 1987 Demo (original artwork)
Rapture (pre-Moshketeers) 1985 Demo (no artwork)
Recon 4 Song Demo (no artwork)
Red End of Silence (no artwork)
Redeemer Redeemer (original artwork)
Redeemer Anno Domini (no artwork)
Redeemer Double Edge Sword (no artwork)
Redemption Redemption (no artwork)
Redemption Metal (no artwork)
Redemption Unalloyed EP (no artwork)
Red Ink Raw Meat (original artwork)
Red Ink Brutal Recompense (original artwork)
Red Sky World Crashing Down (original artwork)
Red Sky Today is the Future (original artwork)
Red Sky Time (no artwork)
Reign of Kings Epat Omed (original artwork)
Remnant Beast of Burden (no artwork)
Remnant Initiation (no artwork)
Repent Repent (original artwork)
Revelation Revelation (no artwork)
Revelation Spiritual Wind (no artwork)
Revelation Project Revelation Project (no artwork)
Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus Mirror (no artwork)
Righteous Anger Third Heaven(no artwork)
Ritual Crematorium of the Deceased (original artwork)
Rizer (Ryzer) Demo (original artwork)
Rob Rock The Driver Demos (original artwork)
Rob Rock Live in Japan 2004 (no artwork)
Roxx Regime (pre-Stryper) Yellow and Black Attack (original artwork)
Rude Awakening Religious Death (no artwork)
Sabbatariam Swrod of God (original artwork)
Sacrecy Sacrecy (no artwork)
Sacrament Presumed Dead Demo (original artwork)
Sacred Fire Sacred Fire (original artwork)
Sacred Reign Food for Thought
Sacred Reign Looking for Love 1993 (no artwork)
Sacred Warrior Demo 1987(original artwork)
Sacred Warrior Come Save the Day EP 2001 (with Ray Perrera)(original artwork)
Sacrificium Mortal Fear(original artwork)
Saint Live at Cornerstone 1986 (no artwork)
Saint Josh Kramer of Saint Live in Germany 2006 (no artwork)
Saint Spirit The Ways of Faith (no artwork)
Saint Spirit Against Saints and Sinners (no artwork)
Samgar Sobre El Demonio (no artwork)
Sanctuarium Demo (no artwork)
Sanxtion Think About It (original artwork)
Sanxtion Destination Overdrive (original artwork)
Sardonyx Rebel of Reason (original artwork)
Satansdoom Demo MM (original artwork)
Savaot Lord of Hosts (no artwork)
Savers Victory in Sight (no artwork)
Saviour Machine 0 Demo (no artwork)
Saviour Machine 7-7-01 Cornerstone 2001, Encore I Stage, Bushnell, IL 2 CD (no artwork)
Saviour Machine Live at Elgin, IL and Demos (no artwork)
Saviour Machine Rarities, Revelations 4 CD (no artwork)
Saviour Machine Live 1991 (no artwork)
Saviour Machine Live 1992 Acoustic Show California (no artwork)
Saviour Machine Live 1994 (no artwork)
Saviour Machine Live 1996 (no artwork)
Saviour Machine Live 1996 Charles Cooper's First Show (no artwork)
Saviour Machine Live Owen, Germany March 1996 Acoustic Performance (no artwork)
Saviour Machine Live 1997 Cornerstone 2 CD (no artwork)
Saviour Machine Live 1998 Acoustic Show Germany (no artwork)
Saviour Machine Live Elgin, Chicago IL 10/31/1998 Wonderland Ballroom 2 CD (no artwork)
Saviour Machine Live 2001 Christmas Rock Night (no artwork)
Saviour Machine Live Cottbus, Gladhouse 7/4/1996 Let It Be/Interview (no artwork)
Saviour Machine Live 1998 Greece (no artwork)
Scarlet Red Scarlet Red (original artwork)
Second Chance (pre-Armageddon) Second Chance and The Blazing Wasteland (Demos 1 and 2) (original artwork)
Semaja Hear My Cry (no artwork)
Semaja No Burning Out (no artwork)
Sentry Sick of the Darkness (original artwork)
Sentry Breakin Free (no artwork)
Separated Demos (no artwork)
Seraph Silence (no artwork)
Seraphim AI (no artwork)
Seraphim The Equal Spirit (no artwork)
Seraphim The Soul that Never Dies (no artwork)
Seraphim Overcome (no artwork)
Serenade No Return (no artwork)
Sercher Exodus (no artwork)
Seriah Soldier of Jehovah (original artwork)
Seven Last Words of Christ Demo (no artwork)
Sevenglory Atmosphere (no artwork)
Seventh Angel Seventh Angel (not the doom band) (no artwork)
Seventh Angel 2 Song Demo (not the doom band) (no artwork)
Seventh Angel Seventh Angel (original artwork)
Seventh Angel The Rehearsal Demo (original artwork)
Seventh Angel Heed the Warning (original artwork)
Seventh Angel Interview and 3 songs (no artwork)
Seventh Avenue Live at Flevo 2003 (no artwork)
Seventh Heaven Planet Under Siege (original artwork)
Seventh Seal Messengers of Love (original artwork)
Seventh Seal Seventh Seal (no artwork)
Seventh Seal Ruff Draft Too (no artwork)
Seventh Seal (pre Veni Domine) Demo 2 (no artwork)
Seventh Sign 3 Song Demo EP (no artwork)
Shadow Wings How Long? (original artwork)
Shadow Wings Carry On (no artwork)
Sheep 777 Demo (original artwork)
Shelly T Out of Control (no artwork)
Showdown 2 Song Demo (no artwork)
Siloam Dying to Live (no artwork)
Siloam Sweet Destiny (no artwork)
Slechtvalk Live at Flevo 2003 (no artwork)
Soldier Babylon (original artwork)
Soldier Louder than Hell (original artwork)
Soldier Roughs Demo (original artwork)
Sorrow of Seven 2 song Demo(no artwork)
Soundscape Soundscape (no artwork)
Sovereign Steel Say Your Prayers (no artwork)
Spin 180 Time to Burn Bridges (no artwork)
Spy Glass Blue Spy Glass Blue (no artwork)
St Warren St Warren (no artwork)
St Warren Blues Eyes EP (no artwork)
St Warren Honest Planet (no artwork)
Steel Vengeance Prisoners (original artwork)
Stephen (Singer of Stryken) When will They Learn / Dark Day in Dallas (original artwork)
Stone Vengeance The Angel (no artwork)
Stone Vengeance To Kill Evil (no artwork)
Straight Way Black or White (no artwork)
Strangeland Demo (no artwork)
Starfield Starfield (no artwork)
Steelwind Heavens Calling (no artwork)
Stir Stir (no artwork)
Stir Broken Tongues (no artwork)
Stir Holy Dogs (no artwork)
Stonefly Stonefly (no artwork)
Stonefly Introducing (no artwork)
Stonefuze Stonefuze (no artwork)
Strange Celebrity Remedy (no artwork)
Streetwize Battle Cry (no artwork)
Stricken Stricken (no artwork)
Stronghold Fortress Rock (original artwork)
Stryken First Strike (original artwork)
Stryken Stryken (2 Song EP) (original artwork)
Stryken Live 1987 (no artwork)
Stryper Live in Japan 1985 (original artwork)
Stryper Live 6/2/1987 Göta lejon, Stockholm, SWE (no artwork)
Stryper Live 6/8/1987 Dynamo festival, Eindhoven, HOL (no artwork)
Stryper Live in Japan "Burning Flame" 1989 Audio cd and DVD (original artwork)
Stryper 23/01/10 Tivoli Utrecht The Netherlands (no artwork)
Sure Conviction Get Ready (no artwork)
Sure Conviction Fightin the Battle (no artwork)
Surrender Demo #1 (original artwork)
Surrender Demo #2 (original artwork)
Sympathy Various Unreleased tracks
Tactics Leave Me Alone - Prey Upon the Weak (original artwork)
Taker Demo #1 (original artwork)
Taker Blood (original artwork)
Tempered Steel Radio Show 4 Shows(no artwork)
Taylor, Steve I Predict a Clone songs and Comments (no artwork)
Taylor, Steve I Predict a Demo (no artwork)
Taylor, Steve Loose Ends (no artwork)
Taylor, Steve The Squint Radio Show (no artwork)
Taylor, Steve Transatlantic Remixes (no artwork)
Taylor, Steve Live at Icthus 1984 (no artwork)
Taylor, Steve Live at Icthus 1984 (no artwork)
Taylor, Steve Live in Kansas City 1988 (no artwork)
Taylor, Steve Live at Hammersmith, England 1988 (no artwork)
Taylor, Steve Live at Creation Festival 2003 (Take 2) (no artwork)
Taylor, Steve Live at Creation Fetival 1988 (no artwork)
Taylor, Steve Live at Creation Festival 1994 (no artwork)
Taylor, Steve Live at Creation Festival 2003 (no artwork)
Taylor, Steve Live at Cornerstone 1984 (no artwork)
Taylor, Steve Live at Cornerstone 1985 (no artwork)
Taylor, Steve Live at Cornerstone and Rarities (Year Unknown) (no artwork)
Taylor, Steve Live at Cornerstone 1993 (no artwork)
Taylor, Steve Live at Cornerstone 1994 (no artwork)
Taylor, Steve Live at Cornerstone 1995/1996(No artwork)
Taylor, Steve Live at Cornerstone 2003 (no artwork)
Tempest Annihilation of the Wicked (no artwork)
Tempest Live Maryland 1989 (no artwork)
Testimony The Return of Messiah (original artwork)
Theocracy Christmas Songs (no artwork)
Thorn Crown And I Pray (original artwork)
Thresher Totally Possessed (original artwork)
Thresher (Lazarus) Breaking into the Night
Thresher 4 Song unreleased Album (no artwork)
Threshing Sledge Apathetic Death (original artwork)
Threshold Demo (Big Fische Records)(no artwork)
Torah Torah (no artwork)
Torque Basement Demos (no artwork)
Torque 911 (no artwork)
Tourniquet Bootlegs and Rare Recordings (original artwork)
Tourniquet Live at Cornerstone 1991 (no artwork)
Tourniquet Live 1996 (original artwork)
Tourniquet Live at Cornerstone 1998 (original artwork)
Tourniquet Live at Vlevo Festival 8/17/01 (no artwork)
Tourniquet Live Flevo Festival 2008 (no artwork)
Tourniquet Live Flevo Festival 6/23/?? (no artwork)
Trial by Fire Demo (no artwork)
Triple Ace Band Demo (original artwork)
Tunnel Vision Tunnel Vision (no artwork)
Ultimatum Fatal Delay (original artwork)
Ultimatum Live Extremities 1996 (original artwork)
Ultimatum 10/02/95 Vinyard Christian fellowship Albuquerque , NM USA (no artwork)
Unbound Demo(no artwork)
Unknown God s/t
Urgent Cry Seraph (no artwork)
Urgent Message Fate of the Wicked (original artwork)
Valor Masquerade (original artwork)
Vaakevandring Live at DP 2001 (no artwork)
Valor Fight for Your Life (original artwork)
Vambrance Vambrance (original artwork)
Vengeance Demo (original artwork)
Vengeance Live at Cornerstone 1988 (no artwork)
Vengeance Live Human 1988 (original artwork)
Vengeance Live Collection (original artwork)
Vengeance ??/??/87 Metal Mardigras (no artwork)
Vengeance 14/09/90 The New Union , MN (no artwork)
Vengeance 29/09/90 Rhode Island US R.Martinez interview (no artwork)
Vengeance 13/03/92 Denver , CO (no artwork)
Vigilance Vigilance (original artwork)
Vindication Exhume the Grave (original artwork)
Virginia Creeper Who's Your God (no artwork)
Vision Vision (original artwork)
Vital Decision Vital Decision (original artwork)
Vixivi Sweet Kiss and Faraway Dreams(original artwork)
Vixivi Spiritual Modification(original artwork)
Vixivi Sokende Sjel (original artwork)
Vollig Heilig Power of God (original artwork)
Warriors The Battle Has Started (no artwork)
Watchmen Fear No Evil (no artwork)
Weeping Prophet Broken (original artwork)
Weeping Prophet On the Verge of Tears (original artwork)
Whitecross Love on the Line (original artwork)
Whitecross Live SOS da Vida Gospel Festival 3, in Rio de Janeiro 1993
Whitecross Live in Toulouse France 1998 (+ No Second Chances remix)
Whitecross Live in Ennepetal Germany 4/5/08: Triumphant Comeback (Legends of Rock) (no artwork)
White Stone Love Looks Back (no artwork)
White Ray The First Sin (no artwork)
White Throne Magazine White Metal Invasion (original artwork)
Wickeds End Temporal Pain (original artwork)
Xalt Dark War Extended Edition 2002 (original artwork)
Xalt Under the Ruins (no artwork)
X-Terra X-Terra (original artwork)
X-Terra New Terrain (original artwork)
X-Terra Who Said (original artwork)
X-Terra Wolves (original artwork)
X-Sinner 3 Song Demo (no artwork)
Zeal 1 John4:4 (original artwork)
Zion 2 Song Sampler Demo (original artwork)
Zion Rock for Eternity (original artwork)