My CD list has been updated!

Welcome to The Metal Empire!

This is the home of my cd collection. I listen to various genreís of metal and all types of other music from prog to kraut to space rock and then some. I love music - in the many forms it takes. This site is my little contribution to the metal world. I like it all - from glam/sleaze to power to prog metal, and even some more extreme metal when the spirit moves. Some of my favorite bands are Grave Digger, Kedlian, Hardcore Superstar, Bonafide, Impellitteri, and the list goes on..

Trading cds is something I am very active in. Take a look at my trade list and email me if you want to make a deal.

I am also a big fan of Christian metal demos from bands (mostly) who never made it but should have. I like all kinds of obscure Christian metal bands and am always on the lookout for more demos. I have been asked many times to make the demos available from the list but I dont have enough hosting space to even begin to do that but I am always open to trading.

Another passion I have is for live shows. It is great to see how fans record the shows they go to and the care that is kept to capture a moment in time. As with my demos, if you are interested in trading let me know. I normally trade via dvds. I donít make copies of my original cdís though. I believe its important to support the artists by buying the music. People work hard and deserve to earn a living.

I am very active on a few message boards. The Heart of Metal Discussion board is my home. Come on over and see what makes it a great community of metal fans. There is so much good stuff going on there that I believe before too long you will call it home as well. I also frequent Heavy Harmonies and the Divebomb Records message board.

And last, but certainly not least, I offer my own contribution to the Demotivational posters craze - featuring The Burger King. Some may call him creepy, some cringe at his appearance but who can deny the good looks, the wit, charm and the Crown? If there was ever a cultural phenom (and that silly yellow clown doesnt even come close) it is TheKing. Elvis - heís not the king. King Diamond - nada. The Burger King towers far above!