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Last Updated: Saturday March 14, 2009

Artist Album Year Label
Abjathar Nothing Undamaged 1999 Independent
Angelic Force 2 Song Demo 1988 Independent
Antestor Despair 1994 Stawberry Records
Barren Cross Believe 1985 Independent
Battlecry Red White and Blue 1985 Independent
Believer The Return 1988 Independent
Bloodgood Metal Missionaries 1985 Independent
Broken Silence Broken Silence (4 song demo) 1990 Zaffiro
Chosen Stranger 4 Song Demo 1989 Independent
Consecrator Consecrator 1990 Independent
Consecrator Image of Deception 1992 Independent
Covenant Covenant 1995 Independent
Crimson Moonlight Glorification of the Master of Light 1997 Independent
Disemcumbrance The Betrayal 1995 Independent
Dual Edge Knock Em Alive 1987 Intense Records
Equinox The Adonis Chronicles 1997 OUR MUSIC
Equinox Ceremony Of The North Winds 1998 OUR MUSIC
Extol Embraced 1997 Independent
Final Axe Beyond Hells Gate 1989 East West
GOD From The Moldavian Ecclesiastic Throne 1997 Bestial Records
GOD Sublime 1998 Bestial Records
GROMS Turn 1993 Independent
Immortal Dead and Buried 1990 Independent
Immortal Souls Reflections of Doom 1996 Independent
Kekal Contra Spiritualia Nequitae 1996 THT Productions
Knightriot Speak No Evil 1987 Independent
Knightriot Beware the Knight 1989 Independent
Knightriot Killing Time 1990 Independent
Konstrux Promotional Demo 2000 Independent
Krush Live (Independent Release) 1998 Independent
Light Hammer Holy wings
Oblation Demo 1994 Independent
Pale Horse Mournful 1993 A.R.T.
Red Ink Raw Meat 1990 Independent
Red Ink Brutal Recompense 1992 Independent
Royal Anguish Scream Bloody Murder 1990 Sandy Patti Music
Royal Anguish Rest in Pieces 1991 Sandi Patti Music
Royal Anguish Shocking the Priest 1993 A.R.T Records
Sacrament Presumed Dead 1989 Noiz
Sanctifica In the Bleak Midwinter 1997 Independent
Sardonyx Rebel of Reason 1990 Independent
Seventh Angel Heed the Warning 1990 Independent
Stryken First Strike 1987 Chrystal Records
Taylor, Steve Limelight 1985 Sparrow
Taylor, Steve Transatlantic Remixes 1985 Sparrow
Thresher Totally Possessed 1989 Independent
Trino Suffocated Breed 1999 Independent
Ultimatum Fatal Delay (signed) 1993 Independent
Vambrance Vambrance 1997 Independent
Vital Decision Vital Decision 1998 Independent
Whitecross Love on the Line 1988 Star Song
Whitecross Love on the Line 1988 Pure Metal